Finding a Good Tax Attorney

Finding a good tax lawyer can be very important if you have pending tax debts and/or tax liens. When looking for a tax debt and tax levy firm, there are some things to consider to make sure you get the right person. Not all tax lawyers are created equal. Here is what you need to know to find the best tax attorney.

The first thing to know when looking for a good tax professional is if he or she specializes in tax law and not just ordinary criminal law. Having an LLM (licensed financial planner) in tax is a sign that the tax professional is very serious about his/her profession and is highly academic in his/her practice. Highly academic tax professionals will be very knowledgeable about every aspect of tax matters and will be able to give sound professional advice. A tax specialist who has a master’s degree in tax is one who has extensively studied tax matters and has specialized in the area of tax litigation. A tax lawyer with a master’s degree in tax can only practice before a federal tax tribunal and cannot practice in state court. In addition, the tax professional with a master’s degree must also pass a Federal court examination and then be admitted to the practice of law in his or her state.

The second thing to know when looking for a good tax attorney and in selecting one, is to know that there are two types of tax attorneys; state tax attorneys and federal tax attorneys. State tax attorneys represent the state in which the taxpayer lives to federal tax attorneys represent the government. Thus, when looking for a good tax attorney, one would do well to select a federal tax attorney rather than a state tax attorney. While the services of state tax attorneys are often needed when dealing with federal tax laws, state tax attorneys tend to deal with local taxation and have little if any knowledge of federal tax laws.

Another important thing to know when looking for a good tax attorney is that while most attorneys will provide free tax advice when requested, not all tax attorneys take this responsibility seriously. Many of the attorneys take it as a given that their clients should take full advantage of any tax relief options that are available to them, but some tax attorneys take the responsibility even further by requiring their clients to file additional tax returns or by making sure that their clients understand the finer points of tax laws. A good tax attorney does not require you to pay anything until you receive an offer on a settlement or an installment plan. The attorney will only charge you if they win your case. Thus, it is necessary that you find a tax relief attorney who is honest with you and lets you know upfront how much they are going to charge you.

When looking for a good tax attorney, it is important to hire someone who has ample experience in dealing with taxation and who knows exactly what they are doing. You need someone who will be completely honest with you, and who can guide you through every step of the process. It is also important to hire someone who can efficiently represent you before the IRS so that you do not have to deal with any legal issues at all.

For most people, dealing with the IRS can be a very frustrating and complicated matter. Thus, you need to hire someone who has extensive tax relief case experience so that he or she is fully equipped to deal with all of the complex issues that come along with such cases. Hiring the right tax attorneys to represent you before the IRS can be one of the most important decisions you make throughout your tax relief case. If you do not hire someone who is capable of handling all of your specific problems, then you may find yourself facing serious legal problems that you would have to spend a lot of time trying to resolve. Thus, it is essential that you hire a competent tax lawyer to handle all of your specific legal issues.